Top Tips For Planning Your Wedding Catering Menu

26 Mar

A wedding catering company, then, would be a caterer who supplies food and drink to a wedding reception and is either contracted by the bride and groom themselves or is independent and part of an all inclusive wedding package. So looking for a catering company in Melbourne? Check no more, Vines of the Yarra Valley offers you covered. Whether it's fine dining, cuisine, the full service bar, or an intimate sit down dinner, Vines has it all. Plus, they are an accredited member of the Australian Marriage and Family Support Association (AMSA) which means that they operate according to standards of professionalism and excellence. 

In order to save money while hiring a wedding catering company, ask to see the menu (if there is one) or sample it. See if the caterer will supply the raw ingredients. If not, then find a local butcher who can prepare the food for you or even purchase your own ingredients. Many caterers also stock their buffet with everything from petit fours to chocolate truffles. It will save you time and energy going from store to store looking for items.  You can get wedding catering sacramento services here.

Make sure that your caterer has the appropriate licenses and insurance. You are entrusting your special day to this caterer, so you should feel comfortable that they are well aware of the legal responsibilities involved. Search different types of catering companies in the area using online resources (e.g. Yelp) or offline (such as the chamber of commerce) sources. See if anyone has had problems with the caterer or if there have been any customer complaints.
Ask if the caterer will provide pre-made or oeuvres or if you will be making them yourself. There are lots of caterers in sacramento that offer a full food menu designed specifically for hors oeuvres, so you won't have to worry about a wedding catering menu fitting the theme of your wedding. However, if you prefer to take things slow and allow your guests to develop their own appetites, then choose a catering menu that includes such dishes as fettuccini Alfredo with chicken baked in the oven sauce, prime rib at medium rare prime rib tips with caramelized onions, chicken fried steak and a roasted vegetable lasagna. The possibilities seem endless. Just be sure to keep the caterer aware of what you like and what you don't.

One aspect of wedding catering that many people overlook is the serving equipment. There are many different types of serving stations on today's menu, from individual serving stations with silverware and napkins, to a buffet line where the food is served one at a time (previously, stations were separate and each could be used for a different purpose, such as ice cream). If you have an informal outdoor reception, you might opt for a more rustic station with paper plates and plastic utensils or choose a station with stainless steel or chrome utensils for a formal dining experience.

Lastly, be sure to request the food services be pre-planned. Even if you will be working closely with the caterer throughout the planning process, there are times when the caterer may need to order equipment or food services on a Saturday or Sunday morning. As they will want to make sure they can serve you as quickly as possible, it is best to have the bases covered before the wedding catering is underway. In addition to pre-planning, you can also request a backup plan in case something happens to the main caterer (a common occurrence during weddings).You can get more enlightened on this topic by reading here:

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